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If you're Jeff Bezos, you're not going to have some random dude manage your money and hope for the best. You're not gonna open up a Robinhood account and risk it all on meme stocks like GameStop. You're going to hire the type of investor who has a Ph.D. in mathematics and drives a Bugatti, a go-getter who wakes up with a turmeric latte and pores over satellite images of factories in Asia to predict the earnings of some 3D-printing company most of us have never heard of. We're talking about the best of the best in finance.

Investment activity in Singapore's real estate market almost doubled in the first half of this year to US$4.7 billion (S$6.4 billion) worth of acquisitions, up 97 per cent from a year ago.

Environmental, social and governance investing is making a big splash in the world of indexing. BlackRock’s iShares has predicted investment in the space will grow to $1 trillion by 2030. It’s already on track for a record year in 2021, with over $21 billion in inflows just in the first quarter. The world’s largest index provider also has big plans.